David Kleňha

jazz singer

I’m a young jazz singer who is trying to support the Czech jazz scene. I bring this genre to the stage and the theatre in a modern coat to reach out to the younger generations and prove that jazz can be a musical symbol of youth and freshness.

“Jazz is not just for old people, young people can swing too!”

About me

I have always had a positive attitude toward music, especially jazz. My dream was to perform in an environment full of jazz music. After seven years of studying jazz singing and eight years of playing piano, I am trying to use my skills to turn my dreams into reality.

I regularly perform in jazz bars, clubs, and theatres, where I draw audiences into the atmosphere of the jazz world with enthusiasm and energy.

I see my youth as an advantage that allows me to combine jazz music with a fresh and modern element. My ambition is to promote this precious genre to younger generations through my productions.


  • The Lady Is a Tramp

  • Sway

  • Život je jen náhoda

  • Feeling Good

  • Cheek to Cheek

  • Route 66

Where do I sing?

I sing Jazz in Prague and in my homeland Karlovy Vary Region.

David’s Jazz Quartet

David’s Jazz Quartet

As the name suggests, this is my own group. I perform together with three other leading jazz musicians. Our repertoire includes not only traditional jazz and swing standards but also lesser-known jazz tunes that I have adapted to my personal style.

At smaller musical events we perform as a Jazz Trio, but we can also cope with the most chamber-like evenings when we pleasantly tune the audience with our two-person performance.

Big Band Karlovy Vary

Big Band
Karlovy Vary

Since 2018 I’m a proud member of this breathtaking 19-member ensemble under the leadership of Zdeněk Krám. Every year we play over 30 live concerts together, not only in the theatre. I appreciate that I can be a member of such a group, thanks to which I gain unforgettable experiences and, above all, valuable experience.

Dash Band

Dash Band

In 2014, together with Adela Hanzlíková, our singer, I founded a 6-member student band Dash Band. Regarding our style, we focused on dance-pop music. Thanks to the successive growth in popularity we have become one of the most popular entertainment bands in the Karlovy Vary region.

Upcoming shows

14. 10. 2023

Poklady Swingu

Big Band Karlovy Vary
19:30 - Karlovarské městské divadlo
4. 11. 2023

Poklady Swingu

Big Band Karlovy Vary
19:30 - Karlovarské městské divadlo
25. 11. 2023

Reprezentační ples města Aš

Dash Band
19:00 - AKS - Velký sál
24. 2. 2024

Maturitní ples ISŠTE

Dash Band
19:00 - Městský dům kultury Sokolov
23. 3. 2024

Muzikantský ples

Zábavní Orchestr Kraslice
19:00 - Dům kultury Kraslice

We'd love to come and swing for you!